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In our safe, clean and friendly indoor play environment, children immerse themselves in pretend-play, visiting the variety of age-appropriate themed play areas. Our themed “edu-tainment” play areas all encourage learning, spatial skills development, and valuable social interaction with others, and include a snow park, tool shop, grocery store, play diner, toddler music bus and more.

Kidoos Entertainement is a unique interactive kid's indoor play area where children age 12 and under can play, explore, and use their imaginations in a clean, bright and colorful world filled with a variety of fun, engaging, age-appropriate activities. Our branches in Abu Dhabi and Dubai feature activities ranging from an indoor softplay filled with slides and bridges to creative theme sections like snow park, pretend-play, arts, blue blocks, and lego and a specific area for toddlers—where boredom is banished, and children are inspired to engage in imaginative play. 

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