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Dalma Mall - 025519070 • Deerfields Mall - 025639070 • La Mer Dubai - 043435416

About Us

Kidoos Entertainment

Our MISSION is to support and accompany 3-12 aged children in their Personal, Social & Healthy Development. Kidoos Entertainment, THE LEARNING LABORATORY with an innovative PSH (Personal, Social & Health) Education Program for 3-12 aged children. Based on long-term experience and scientific benefit approvals, according to the process of growth and sensomotor development in considera­tion of children's sensitive development phases. And additionally with the focus on the individual appropriateness, based on the central proposition that each child has his unique timing and pattern of growth and motor, cognitive and affective development.

Founded in 2004 by its Owner Mrs. Maha Alnuaimi. Is an adult-supervised children's play center that offers a unique series of child activities devoted to the physical, emotional and social development of children. The top-notch facilities (like the sparkling new and unique indoor children's playground, the state-of-the-art soft play, toddler zone, well-equipped party hall, safe climbing wall, arts and craft studio, pretending village, kids clinic, kids supermarket, fire station, kids kitch­en.) are designed to entertain, exercise and stimulate children while reinforcing good social skills in a conducive and friendly environ­ment.

Dalma Mall

Mussafah Area, Abu Dhabi

Deerfields Mall

Al Shahama Area, Abu Dhabi

La Mer  by Meraas